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  • Heavy Duty Telehandlers For Hire

    We have are a variety of Heavy Lift Telehandlers, along with their array of telehandler attachments. These Telehandlers allow lifts from 6-20 tons to be carried out by machines that have been specifically designed to enhance operational performance & safety levels, to ensure highly effective solutions in all heavy duty handling operations.
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  • Electric Pallet Jack

    The electric pallet jack comes equipped with an electric motor so the operator can easily transport pallets within job sites. Primarily used in warehouse and industrial settings, the electric pallet jack is the most rudimentary form of a forklift.
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  • Telescopic Handler

    Lifting from 4m to 20m, with a full incremental range in between, our telehandlers can cover the work of both forklift and crane in one versatile machine, while our roto machines offer even greater reach, up to 32m, with 360° coverage.
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