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Diesel SupplierIlluminating Paraffin is a low sulphur Fuel Oil, synthetic derived. It is distributed by a road hauler from Sasol Synfuels Refinery, Secunda.

Although mainly used in domestic applications, Illuminating Paraffin (IP) is found to have use in the industrial arena, often as a solvent in the manufacture of products like paint and polish.

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    What is illuminating paraffin used for?

    Extensively used in wick feed and pressure lamps, stoves, refrigerators and heaters. Illuminating Paraffin (IP) is also used as a solvent in the manufacture of certain paints, varnish, polish, insecticides and weed killers.

    What is illuminating paraffin used for in South Africa?

    Illuminating paraffin is a low-sulphur fuel synthetically derived from crude oil. It is one of the cheapest energy sources and is used by millions of South Africans for cooking and heating. Paraffin also has practical uses in the medicinal, agricultural and cosmetic industries.

    Why is paraffin so expensive?

    One of the primary drivers influencing market prices is the crude oil market, given that paraffin wax is a byproduct of petroleum refining. Fluctuations in crude oil prices directly impact production costs, subsequently affecting the overall pricing structure of paraffin

    Is illuminating paraffin the same as kerosene?

    Paraffin tends to be a more refined and distilled version of kerosene. This makes it more suitable for use within the home. Paraffin is more refined, which ensures that it will produce a lot less soot when it's burnt.

    Illuminating Paraffin

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